I'm A Bluesman's Daughter By Sheba Potts-Wright

I'm A Bluesman's Daughter

CD Album : £15.00

A fine new set from Sheba Potts-Wright, some nice tracks including "Why Am I Still Lonely"; "I'm Not Gonna Chase You"; "What One Man Won't Do"; "Your Loss Is My Gain" and my current favourite "One Weak Moment."

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Label: Ecko
Release Number: ECD1103

Track Listing

Track No Title clip
1 You've Been Sleeping On The Job listen
2 I'm A Bluesman's Daughter listen
3 Why Am I Still Lonely listen
4 Where's The Party At? listen
5 What One Man Won't Do Another Man Will listen
6 Mississippi Man listen
7 One Weak Moment listen
8 I'm Not Gonna Chase You listen
9 Your Loss Is My Gain listen
10 You've Been Using Me listen